Podcast Appearance

Well, guys, I’m here editing the new and revamped edition of Splat, and thought I’d let you all know I will be doing the Wicked Little Things podcast Friday, August 14th. We will be discussing several topics from my writing, editing, personal life, and my thoughts on serial killers (a little inside info there). Past episodes have featured awesome talented writers and editors such as Amanda M. Lyons, Essel Pratt, Susan Simone, Lisa Dabrowski, to name a few. Beneath is the link to the podcast where you can catch up, and prepared to tune in Friday night to catch yours truly.


If there is anything you all would like me to touch on during the show, you can call in, or you can leave me a message and I’ll pass it along to the wonderful host, Catt Dahman.


Hope to catch y’all Friday!





Here is my interview with T.S. Woolard

I did an interview with the awesome Fiona Mcvie. Read it to learn more about me.


Name T.S. Woolard

Age 31

Where are you from Raleigh, North Carolina

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

            T.S.: I’m a southern boy, through and through. Morals and manners mean a great deal to me. I’m married to my high school sweetheart. I have the best parents a kid could ask for, and credit them both with everything I am today. I have five Jack Russell Terriers and I live on the same land my family farmed four generations ago. I have deep roots here.


Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

T.S.: The latest news is anthologies I’m featured in being released. Ghosts: Revenge by jwkfiction closes on an acrostic poem of mine. Undead Legacy by J. Ellington Ashton Press came out on March 29th. I will also have a poem and a flash fiction piece in Siren’s Call eZine…

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Love to Women in Horror

Reflecting over my first TRUE month of Women in Horror, I decided I wanted to give some shout outs to some of the ladies I respect, admire, and genuinely like in the horror world. I can promise you that each and every one of these fine ladies have touched me in some way. Whether it’s personally being there for me as a friend, someone I shared a laugh with, someone pushing the genre forward by their own hands, someone who wrote a great poem, or a story that grabbed my heart and sucked all the juice it could from it before allowing me to breathe again. Most of these women have done several things on this list. But without dragging on this monologue any more than it already is going to be, let’s get started.

First is Lori R. Lopez. A musician, actress, filmmaker, and phenomenal writer (I love her poetry), the San Diego resident is blazing a trail through the horror world. I have been lucky enough to share a TOC with her in the Indiana Horror Review 2014 by jwkfiction. She really knocked the ball out of the park with her offerings for Terror Train. Her standalones include Odds and Ends: A Dark Collection, which she did the illustrations for, Dance of the Chupacabras: The Tome of Trilogies, and Macabre. She also happens to be one of the coolest people you will ever meet.

Next is Deb Hoag. This is one funny woman, if you’re lucky enough to know her personally, and a great author. She is featured in Terror Scribes, edited Women Writing the Weird and Women Writing the Weird II: Dreadful Daughters. She lives in sunny, dry Arizona (seriously, I coughed when typing it), and is rumored to be at the Stanley Hotel Writer’s Convention this year. If you have a chance, meet her. You will not be disappointed.

Krista Clark Grabowski, one of the editors of Cellar Door III: Animals/Hell II , and also Terror Train by jwkfiction, has helped me tremendously in writing. Her editing service, Krista’s Editing Services is top notch, as well as her press, Verto Publishing. If you read her story, What Rose Saw (available at Amazon) you will see why she makes such a good editor. Her stories are awesome.

This one makes me smile just thinking of her (she did a turn at county—inside joke). Jane Brooks will change your mind about who you think she is. Inside that hilarious woman is one of my favorite authors of today. The Alabama (Roll Tide!) native has stories in Dark Visions II and Death’s Realm by Grey Matter Press. Check her out for sure.

On the subject of Grey Matter Press, I want to give some love to Sharon Lawson. She is the acquisitions editor for one of the most successful young presses in our business. Grey Matter Press has excelled, and in large part to Sharon’s fantastic work…and putting up with Mr. Tony.

In this same topic of awesome, hard working women who promote authors in horror, I want to mention the incredible ladies at Siren’s Call Publications. Julianne Snow, editor and creator of Days with the Undead, Nina D’Arcangela, administrator and social media wiz, and the editor in chief, Gloria Bobrowicz make a team that pump out a free ‘eZine chock full of great horror and disturbing tales and poems. This month’s issue is devoted to Women in Horror. Support these women. They deserve it.

Catt Dahman is a woman who is close to my heart. Not only can she write more than anyone I know, she’s sick when she does it. If you go to Amazon and pick up one of her tales, like When We Were 8, or Extinction Island (yes, the one with the most bad ass dinosaur cover you’ve ever seen), you’ll see what I’m talking about. More than that, she gives many of my friends, colleagues, and even myself chances to shine along side her at her press, J. Ellington Ashton Press. Anthologies, novels, novellas. Name it—they do it, and well. But none of it is possible without the drive and determination of Catt, a true warrior for horror.

The Doctor of Hug-a-Nomics, Mary Genevieve Fortier—the woman with the most vowels in history in her name (including sometimes “y”)—pushes horror as hard through various outlets. Nighty Nightmares blog, helping with The Whispers in the Dark podcast, or her amazing poetry are just to name the three things that just popped in my mind. Her work has been in Terror Train, Cellar Door III: Animals/Hell II, and Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2014. She is also a truly warm and caring person.

We’re going dark and dirty with this next one. Lisa Dabrowski. Yep, her. First of all, a loving, compassionate woman and mother of an Autistic son (who is my buddy), is a torch bearer for Transgressive Fiction. Her work usually centers on the dirty, perverted side of that side genre, as displayed in Doctor Satanic’s House of Whorrors (yeah, I spelled it right—cool ass name, right?) or Gutter Cherub: Poetry and Prose. But what you don’t see coming is something like Beautifully Blended Bella, a real life story of a child living through the divorce of her parents. It’s heartfelt, touching.

Magenta Nero is a super cool woman I have shared a TOC with in a J. Ellington Ashton release, Floppy Shoes Apocalypse (yes, it’s clown horror). She is great with vivid descriptions, and leans a little naughty sometimes. She is worth following on Twitter or Facebook if only to read her snips of poetry she posts. Good night, she’s good.

One of the sweetest, other-author-promoters in this blog is K.Z. Morano. She gives you the feeling that she never stops smiling, even as she writing some seriously creepy stuff. Her flagship book, 100 Nightmares, is an awesome idea and great for anyone who reads in a flash. I actually got lucky enough to win the Editor’s Choice Award with her for Demonic Possession through jwkfiction. I think she is a micro and flash fiction master. It’s hard to do it as good as her, let alone any better.

The last two (yes, finally last two) are actual close, personal friends of mine. I have pictures and things they have sent me hanging up in my house. I speak to them every day.

First, Alice J. Black. I love ya, chick. She’s riding the wave of her debut novel, The Doors. It made it to the Stoker Reading List, a huge accomplishment. I am soon to share a TOC with her, in J. Ellington Ashton’s Undead Legacy anthology. That is something I am proud to say. I have followed Alice for a while. She’s only going to be huge. I suggest following her now.

Last, and the woman I love more than any word in the dictionary can do justice to, Mrs. Dona Fox. First, she’s a driving force behind me. She’s like the wind pushing a hurricane. You only remember the hurricane’s name, not the wind that got it where it is. On top of all that, she’s ridiculously strong writer. The only three time Editor’s Choice winner at jwkfiction (Memento Mori, The Grays, and Indiana Horror Review 2014) has been featured in Eldritch Tales, Haunts, and Cemetery Dance publications. A truly gifted author, and my friend.

Before leaving you, I want to throw in some names that deserve it for their contributions to the horror genre and all things dark. Paula Ashe, Latashia Figuera, Chantel Noordeloos (she’s pushing Mary for the vowel championship), Amanda M. Lyons, Dixie Pinoit, all deserve to have their names down here, as do every other woman who sculpts our genre with your soft, maternal hands. Much love ladies. Thank you for the strength you bring to horror.

A few new reviews for Solo Circus

Solo Circus has been getting out there a little lately. It’s been six months, so it would make sense it would start doing something. My mother always told me I was a late bloomer. Got my license at eighteen. Moved out at twenty-one. Got married nine years after meeting the woman of my dreams. It’s safe to say I take my time, so the fact that my short story collection is doing the same makes it feel all the more a part of me.

But, the point is it has two reviews, one 4 and one 5-stars. I am thrilled over both, honestly. One is a very respected reviewer for all literary horror lovers. If you want to stay up to date on reviews of some well-known, and some not well-known releases and authors (like me!), head over to thescaryreviews.com

Here is the link to his extremely in depth Amazon review. The same one can be found on his website.


The next one is found on Amazon UK. Joanne gave a very complimentary 5-star review, saying: “Solo Circus had me captivated right the way through with these tales that made me think. A great read”. The link to her review is below.


Also, clear across the world, Solo Circus graced the front page of The Australia Times: Indie Books ‘eZine. The interviewer, Kate Turner, was sweet as my Mama’s pecan pie filling. I enjoyed my interview with her, and I’m very happy she was my first interviewer. Here is the whole review and interview in the Australia Times: Indie Books.


I would like to thank the folks who took time to do the reviews on Solo Circus. I worked hard on it, so the fact that folks out there are enjoying it is quite cool and humbling to me. And if you would like to join in on the fun:


Another Great Review

Hello all. It seems the reviews are coming in heavy. Great Reviews, too. This one thrills me, as it comes from someone I look up to quite a bit.

I have made no bones about how much I enjoy John F. D. Taff’s writing. It’s like he takes Stephen King’s books and throws them in a big ass blender with Twilight Zone scripts. From that, you get John’s various stories. And they’re amazing.

So you take someone with that talented, that ability and that knowledge, to give my collection Four-stars…made my year.

To read his review of Solo Circus click the link:


If Solo Circus is good enough for John, I suggest reading it.

Also, it became available in paperback format today. Please get a copy. It’s being enjoyed by plenty. Be one of them.


What’s New?

Well, the Kindle release of my short story collection, Solo Circus, is off with a bang. Sometime during the night it was given its first review on Amazon. I must admit, I am proud that my little stories compelled someone to leave a review of any kind. I would have never guessed it would receive a five-star review. That floors me. I wasn’t ready for that. Not even a little. Humbled.

An excerpt from the review is:

“Solo Circus was clearly written from a brilliantly twisted mind! I recommend purchasing this messed up beauty. As scared as you get, you won’t be able to put it down!”

To read the full review:


Still, though, Five stars. Never saw it coming.

I would be remiss if I ended this post without mentioning John F. D. Taff’s novella collection, The End In All Beginnings, is released tomorrow (or today, technically). Do yourself a favor and get a copy. It’s the best book I’ve read this year.

Also, to try and rival someone’s squee, and possibly make a few folks verklempt myself (is this plagiary?), I would like to mention a few friends Shane Keene, my own wonderful author friend Dona Fox, David W. Spell (who is the most avid reader I’ve ever met, and possibly more excited by my collection than I was), Alice J. Black (who has a novel coming out next month), And Lisa Dabrowski (I’m reading her new release, Dr. Sadistic’s House of Whorrors, now–it’s good). I need to squeeze Deb soon-to-be-Taff in here, too. She needs a cool name like Taterbug.

Still, though, FIVE-STARS!



So my wife took the day off to chill out and spend some time with me today. We have a good, long weekend ahead of us.


What’s this?

After a mid-afternoon nap I wake up to a surprise from my publisher/editor, James Ward Kirk. The Kindle version of T.S. Woolard’s Solo Circus is now available! This was nice as it wasn’t going to be ready until October. I have no doubt Mr. Kirk put in long hours to get it out to you all earlier! And didn’t tell me, either! It was awesome!

The link below will send you to Amazon, where you can get a copy today! Please, come see what my years worth of work produced. I hope you like it. As I said in a FaceBook post earlier in the week: The Circus is in town!



So my wife took the day off to chill out and spend some time with me today. We have a good, long weekend ahead of us.


What’s this?

After a mid-afternoon nap I wake up to a surprise from my publisher/editor, James Ward Kirk. The Kindle version of T.S. Woolard’s Solo Circus is now available! This was nice as it wasn’t going to be ready until October. I have no doubt Mr. Kirk put in long hours to get it out to you all earlier! And didn’t tell me, either! It was awesome!

The link below will send you to Amazon, where you can get a copy today! Please, come see what my years worth of work produced. I hope you like it. As I said in a FaceBook post earlier in the week: The Circus is in town!


Big Announcement

Well, guys, I haven’t posted in a while. There is a reason, and I hope you all understand and are excited as I am about this.

In October, my short story collection, T.S. Woolard’s Solo Circus, will be released. It will feature fifteen short stories. Five are previously published. Ten are brand-new. They range from seriously creepy to real-life gone horribly wrong.

T.S. Woolard’s Solo Circus will be made available by jwkfiction (go to jwkfiction.com ). James Ward Kirk has been a great, understanding guy to work with, and I am proud to have my collection published by him. I am humbled to be in a class with some of the other authors he has published collections of, Mike Janson, Roger Cowin, and Alex S. Johnson (a few are friends, all are amazing writers). The cover art will be done by Niall Parkinson, an incredible artist (I am over the moon that he is the one doing the art, you guys have no idea). A shot of the cover art should be posted for the public to see through my Twitter and Facebook accounts within the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, that’s the big news. I hope you all are excited to read it. I had a GREAT time writing it. It’s time for you all to join the circus inside my head. I have fun there. Hopefully you will, too.